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GH3 Formula tablets
60 x 100 mg
Ingredients: PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid) - stimulates "good" intestinal flora to produce vitamins B and K and Folic Acid. DEAE (Diethylaminoethanol) - generates choline and acetylcholine, both of which are essential to the effective functioning of the immune system.

Directions: For optimal absorption and maximum effect two GH3 tablets should be taken on an empty stomach with a glassful of water, in this way the digestive enzymes will not break down the active substance in the tablet before it reaches small intestine and enter the blood in the correct way.
Prices in US Dollars    
One container: $22.00 each
Three containers: $20.00 each
Six containers: $16.33 each
Twelve containers: $15.83 each
Twenty-four containers: $14.50 each

GH3 Formula cream
50 g / 1.76 oz

vitamin B5, ceteth2oenothera, evening primrose oil, Vitamin E, vitamin A, PABA, DEA, aloe vera barbendis, imidazolidinyl, urea, blueberries extract, comfrey extract, geranium extract, fragrance free.
Directions: can be used liberally, night and day. Apply to face and neck following cleansing and before applying other cosmetic products, avoiding the eyes area. Gently smooth in the cream until it disappears. Never tested on animals.
Prices in US Dollars    
One container: $27.80 each
Buy 2 get one FREE! - $18.54 each
you receive 3 jars
Six containers: $18.54 each
Twelve containers: $18.54 each

GH3 Cream and tablets combination - Save on discounted packs
Package description:
price US$
- One jar of GH3 cream PLUS three containers of GH3 tablets
- Two jars of GH3 cream PLUS six containers of GH3 tablets
- Three jars of GH3 cream PLUS six containers of GH3 tablets best seller
- Six jars of GH3 cream PLUS twelve containers of GH3 tablet

400mg tablets
High Quality Extract - 750ml
400mg strong
Strong 1000mg capsules

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